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Tank Locating

Many homeowners do not know where their septic tank is located. If the home is older, there may be no blue prints stating where the tank is located. Septic system designs have only been required by the State to be filed within the last 15-20 years.

An easy way to locate your tank is during the winter. Because of the heat produced by the tank, the snow will melt over the tank first. Mark this area.

JCL Septic Service has a sensor that can be flushed down the toilet into the septic tank. We have a monitor that will pick up the signal from the sensor thereby locating the tank. This will only work on pipes made of PVC. If the system is older it might contain iron piping and the signal will not go through this.

As another alternative is: Find the septic pipe leading from the house, follow that direction and, using a crow bar keep putting it into the ground until you find the cement or steel tank. If unsure, JCL Septic Service can be called to find your tank.