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Signs of Septic System Failure

Septic systems can fail due to failure to pump on a regular schedule, poor soil for proper drainage, improper installation of the tank or field, over use – putting too much water in the system and age.

The field fails because the ground becomes completely saturated either by water or waste. This then causes the water to begin flowing back into the tank. The tank becomes full constantly and may begin to back up into the house.

The beginning signs of a failed field are excessive grass growth over the leach field. It will be the most beautiful lawn you’ve ever seen. You also might get water build up if you have low lying sections of the leach field. Next you will notice the grass will become mushy in areas. This is followed by the grass dying, and actual waste appearing on the ground causing black mushy areas. There will be a septage smell radiating from the ground as well. At this time, the tank will always be full because the water is running back, blockages and back ups become more frequent. The field is now failed and must be replaced.

In the local area, many older homes do not have leach fields. Many of them have a tank which drains into a cesspool. Some just have a pipe that runs out in the ground. Upon inspection, JCL Septic Service may recommend upgrading the septic system due to State Code and health regulations.

IMPORTANT: When purchasing a home with a septic system, ALWAYS have a proper inspection done by a full-service septic company. Home inspectors inspect homes-not septic systems.