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Septic System Inspections

JCL Septic Service performs inspections for the sale of your home.

Whether you're buying or selling a property, JCL's qualified owners are ready to provide a full assessment of the condition of the septic system.

Using special underground cameras, we'll detect current and potential problems, and we'll recommend a solution. This allows both buyer and seller to make better-informed decisions, and eliminate the surprise of costly repairs or installation of a new septic system after the purchase.

The inlet and outlet baffles are checked to make sure they are in place.
A camera is sent through the inlet and outlet lines to verify structural integrity and condition.
If applicable, the distribution box will be located and inspected.
A small hole is dug in the leach field to see if there is standing water or discoloration of the stones.
A written report will be given upon request.

IMPORTANT: When purchasing a home with a septic system, ALWAYS have a proper inspection done by a full-service septic company. Home inspectors inspect homes-not septic systems.